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I just found out someone I knew passed away suddenly; we weren't very close, but I enjoyed seeing her and talking. We saw each other Saturday night and she was doing fine. It's hard to imagine she's not going to be around any more.
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Remember last week when I wrote up the story of three different groups of antisocial teenagers at Denny's? I am at the same Denny's - where most nights are not like this, really! - and a few minutes ago a kid who'd kept his hood up while he ate grabbed his skateboard and ran out. This was not a total surprise, as you'd imagine. Alas, he had that skateboard and a gentle downhill slope in his chosen direction; he vanished into the night all too efficiently, despite the restaurant manager and I chasing after him on foot - without a lucky break, it was a lost cause. But a few minutes later two people who'd left at about the same time came back bearing some pieces of paper. It seems our friend had dropped two things: his birth certificate and a court document about his arrest for a previous misdemeanor. I suspect this is going to be a rather easy case for the police.

You hear these 'Stupid Criminal' stories all the time, but you never really expect to see one unfold in front of your face.
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Or, "Oy, did I have an evening!" Read more... )


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