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Feb. 15th, 2015 05:59 pm
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Recently I got into a discussion and it prompted this essay which I've copied over from Facebook. A hyperlink for the APF has been added and a name removed to obscure the identify of a Fox News watcher. I hope I've hit a correct combination of right-wing buzzwords and tropes.

[NAME REDACTED], the other discussion about minimum wage went strange but you got me thinking. Your criteria to make Americans wealthier but not increase wages limits the options, but theorists have tossed out a lot of wild ideas over the years and there are some that match what you asked for.

Proposals vary but here's how one might work: we give people money. It sounds stupidly simple but follow along. We already can get dividends by owning stock in companies, why not by being part of a country? A citizenship dividend would go out to every American citizen, period – you, me, Bill Gates, everyone. Read more... )
scott_sanford: (Daria proofreads)
Last week I got into a conversation about last year's minimum wage increase in Seatac Washington. As some of you may know, this has annoyed and even outraged some people who object to people who work for a living getting paid good money for their efforts.

I passed along this Addicting Info article that, in an admittedly snarky way, chronicles the total failure of Seatac to implode into a Mad Max style wasteland of poverty and exotic fetish gear. Naturally I got an excited response telling me that raising the minimum wage would put many companies out of business and that Seatac's economy really was failing quickly because of the extra expense. (This does not seem to be the case on my planet.) So far I haven't been convinced by any of the vigorous allegations that raising the minimum wage can't work, though I've been told that things that don't or can't work include raising the minimum wage, socialism, Keynesian economics, democracy[1], Marxism (okay, no argument there), and unions.

Read more... )


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