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When I showed up for the first day of GameStorm I discovered that the prereg desk didn't have a badge waiting for me. This wasn't what I was hoping or expecting to hear; granted it's been a year since the last one but I was still about 90% sure I'd invested in a membership on Sunday afternoon. I didn't have enough cash for an at-the-door membership in my wallet right that instant but it left me considering my options with my wallet in hand, which led to me picking through the scrap paper accumulated there, and my faint hope was realized. I still had my receipt! Not only had I gotten a membership last year but I still had the proof on me! (Along with several other small and worn receipts.) I called this to the attention of the registration staff and correcting the problem went amazingly quickly and smoothly after that.

The moral appears to be to not clean out your wallet...
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Better late than never, here are some notes about GameStorm.

Gaming, I don't need to tell you, was very good and all over the place. Apparently by Sunday pretty much everyone had figured out that there was a second floor - and don't ask me how anyone could miss that. Reportedly some people did.

My memorable gaming of the day was being hauled in halfway through 'Torchwood PDX' and landing on my feet. No problem; most of the folks at the table were good roleplayers - and have you watched Torchwood? We accomplished our main goal, Jack hit on everyone except possibly K-9, and we all had fun.

I picked up a graphic novel called King of RPGs, literally minutes before the Dealers' Room closed; I'm only one chapter in, but it looks like fun so far. It's nice to meet creators one-on-one. This is also a very effective way to sell products, but the strategy is not really scalable.

The regress panel was informative. Hospitality decent (read in 'by Portland standards' there); the selection wasn't so good, but there was always something. Miniatures gamers had a complex table layout issue which most of us didn't follow but which sounds fixable. The 24 hour gaming room was a winner, both in its described function and as overflow space during the day. We're told that WiFi will be much better next year, honest. The website and pre-con scheduling is complicated; it's possible to sign up for games, but the ongoing discussion of how to do it better, well, goes on. Everyone liked the Chaos Toy (the marble thing); its location this year caught many passers-by and did not encourage abandoning small children at it. Also, it's even more popular at KumoriCon where the demographics peak strongly in the teens.

So that was GameStorm in a nutshell.
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Obviously, there are games just everywhere. Not much to say about that, GameStorm delivers its core competency very well. This year we've passed 1000 members for the first time, which sounds about right - I recall that the con's growth rate has been around 20% per year for a while now, and we got 800 last year.

WiFi is not our core competence; the system continues to be tempermental, and often stops working for no obvious reason.

That ERB Mars game I mentioned earlier? That was today; Locust Men of Mars ran longer than we expected and we had to end rather quickly as the next group arrived, but it was a lot of fun and we managed to achieve our mission goals.

I keep missing the Og LARP, and passing by to see people having fun being inarticulate cavemen. Maybe next year.

The marble rolling machine continues to trap unwary engineers.

Saw a guy in a Gunnerkrieg Court t-shirt. I know what he reads.

It's getting late; I'm getting tired. Good con.
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A fine day at the convention. Some notes in no particular order:

Local fan Scott Rose is opening a game store in Vancouver in the near future. Fine news, and good luck to him.

The GameStorm library includes a mavelously complicated marble-dropping thingy - [ profile] travelswithkuma will remember this from CascadiaCon - and I discover that it's not only available but quite affordable, darn it. I tell myself I have nowhere to put such a toy anyway.

We're on our own wifi system for the convention, but it's being fickle. We knew that we wouldn't have the bandwidth to support youtube videos, but it would be nice to consistently manage livejournal or facebook. There are subtle reasons this post did not appear on Saturday morning.

More later, perhaps, if the wifi keeps working.


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