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...that using the phrase "lying libtards at Snopes" with a straight face tells your readers all they need to know about your own accuracy.
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In the off season, when we are less obsessed with the act of writing and have more time to think about the art of writing, we often think about what we might do, what stories would interest us to read or that we would like, in retrospect, to have written.

Consider an automotive metaphor. Some people enjoy a big loud 4x4, crashing through the mud and underbrush in a grand exaltation of noise and prosthetic testosterone. Others want a luxury model, gliding gracefully from beginning to destination, with no rough machinery or unexpected noises disturbing the beauty of the trip. Still others don't care much for appearances and will quite happily putter along in their Volkswagon Beetles, content to know they'll get there eventually.

Nanowrimo isn't like that.

Nanowrimo is putting on a crash helmet and strapping yourself into a rocket sled pointed vaguely at the finish line. On November first you hit the ignition and, God willing, blast across the New Mexico desert leaving a flaming trail of screaming and broken parts, hoping the thing doesn't come apart on you.

If you're lucky the rocket engine doesn't burn out early or explode halfway through the run, and your carefully planned route doesn't suddenly take off for Utah without consulting you. At the end you coast gently across the finish line, smouldering but intact, thankful to have made it through alive and in one piece.

It's not very practical but it can be a lot of fun.
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Like all good satire, they make some good points.
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Really, it's just another day in Portland. Doesn't this stuff happen in all cities?
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Today at work I was given a piece of paper that bore the message Need's GSA label's. I read this and my head did not explode.

But I winced a bit.
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While waiting for the bus today (in the rain) I watched some fellows try to extract a large four-wheel drive SUV which had gotten stuck in a mud puddle. Okay, it was a big puddle...but still, come on. This isn't even out in the middle of nowhere, but in a suburban part of a major city. Someone had hooked a tow strap to a little four wheel ATV, but the thing just didn't have the weight to extract a full size Dodge Ram, although it spun its wheels mightily. Eventually somebody found another excessively large SUV and extracted the first one.
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Okay, so we all know there are stupid people on the internet. But sometimes we hear about exceptional folks like this guy, who upon being caught with naughty pictures on his computer claimed, "My cat downloaded those!" So far no humans have believed him.
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Found here, I really can't find anything bad to say about this. The participants are clearly well read on the source material, the scripting seems decent, and the effects are as good as can be expected from the production budget (of nothing). Some directors would have arranged the piece differently, but then some movies are made by people who have reached puberty. I'd like to see Hollywood show this much interest; we've already seen movies made with technical skill but no love for the story or the craft.
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MJ, we have lived a few houses apart for several years now. I've petted you frequently, and you've rubbed up against me enough that a second cat could be knitted from the fur you've shed onto my pants. It's always nice to see you and I'm happy to stop to pet you, particularly when - as today - you sit on the porch meowing for attention.

But once the petting has started and you're purring, it is not necessary to suddenly leap up into the air as if you have never seen a human before, nor to run in blind panic into the bushes. This only confuses the humans around you.
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Okay, so the Meow Chorus is just silly. But it is funny.
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For the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, this. Now that I think of it, I really hope somebody sings this where John Cougar Mellencamp can hear it.

Little ditty, 'bout Billy and Ed,
Just a couple of guys,
Each got a crown on his head.
Eddy's gonna be
The king of England;
Billy's Duke of Normandy,
Gonna do what he can.

Web comics

Aug. 29th, 2011 01:45 pm
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This came up elsewhere, so I'm using LiveJournal to pass along a list of web comics. But, hey, you're all welcome to browse! Read more... )
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Found here, a page about cats. This appears to be an Arabic textbook teaching English, so I am suddenly less worried about the state of education in North America.
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I really shouldn't be talking about writing here, as my readers mostly aren't fiction writers and the exceptions have published novels and/or gotten nominated for Hugos, so I'm either talking to the wall or being the n00b who should STFU. Read more... )
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I ran across this, and as at least two of my followers are hams, thought it would be worth passing along.

WARNING Perform as many functions as possible on the ground. Installing antennas on windy days can be strong forces. Be prepared to safely handle these forces at unexpected moments. Antennas Direct Inc. is not injury resulting from antenna installations.

WARNING Antennas improperly installed on an inadequate structure are very susceptible to wind damage. The owner and installer assumes full responsibility that the installation is structurally sound to support all and properly sealed against leaks. Antennas Direct Inc. will not accept liability for any damage cause by an unknown variable applications.

WARNING Do not attempt to install if drunk, pregnant or both. Do not throw antenna at spouse.

Well! Good thing we know how to safely put up antennas now!
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I mentioned the web comic Nukees the other day. I am aware that not everyone reads this, but I enjoy it.

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Back in my first post on this subject I said I hoped to try this again the next day, and I have been asked to write up what happened on the second day of sign holding. Okay.

More after the cut! )
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In my city shabbily dressed people can often be seen standing at street corners holding carboard signs, apparently as an alternative to panhandling from pedestrians. For a long time my friends and I have wondered how practical this really is. So I finally ran the experiment.

Read more... )
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If it's not clear - and why should it be? - those are telephone and data lines serving the local neighborhood. I'm glad I don't need to maintain it.
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