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Today at work I was given a piece of paper that bore the message Need's GSA label's. I read this and my head did not explode.

But I winced a bit.
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So I was looking at my Leatherman tool the other day and had what seemed to me a simple idea for an improvement. This one is a Charge TTi, but it applies to a lot of the models with outside blades, such as the popular Wave. My tool has several gadgets on the outside (so it doesn't need to be unfolded to use them), and comes with two knife blades designed for one-handed opening. The other outside options are a saw and a file, neither of which is quite as useful; held in the right hand, one of the two knives will be under the thumb - held in the left hand it presents the other tools but no blade or thumb opening feature.

Many people are left handed. Also, the blade mounting is standardized; there seems no reason why any blade could not be put in any position. (This is tricky to do yourself because you need moderately rare tools such as a pin torx driver.) Thinking it over, I couldn't see any reason why it couldn't be made with parts on hand nor any difficulty marketing a left-handed Leatherman.

So I found a spare moment and brought this up to the only person I know who's both left handed and a long term Leatherman employee. I hardly had begun my explanation when he got a knowing smile and I realized he'd heard this many times before. Apparently this gets suggested a lot, including several times a month via the website, and the company for some reason has yet to actually try marketing a mirrored tool. Harrumph.
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It's the rainy season in Oregon - that is, not summer - and my kitchen roof has developed a leak, in what has become the usual place. So the residents have been out on the gratuitously flat water-attracting roof laying down a huge blue tarp that will cover the entire roof and mark us as rednecks to any over-flying space aliens.

This is nothing compared to the battles Kevin Standlee has documented with "That Darn Roof" down in Mehama, but there's nothing like doing roof work in the rain to make one appreciate having a roof in the first place.


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