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One of the nice things about Sunday is free street parking. Side note: when orgainizing a convention, find out what the venue charges for parking; attendees will ask about this.

The dealers room sold me a Sam Browne belt for what I admit is a reasonable price for handmade leather gear designed to last many years. Since I've felt the lack of a baldric or similar item for years I couldn't really resist when I had both opportunity and money; this also lets me dress up in a more appropriate style - the local aesthetic is suited to a poofy hemp shirt and gratuitous leather strap.

Incidentally, being hit on by a seventy year old woman in a corset and bustle is...unexpected? Flattering, certainly. Yet I feel awkward.

Having well grounded panelists is a fine thing. Generally. When doing a tesla coil demonstration...better safe than sorry.

Costuming continues to be awesome. I did a double take when I saw Storm, Ororo Munroe, in the hotel bar.

The Westercon panel was a thing I'd been waiting for and it went very nicely with good turnout. (The room had been used for combat demos so the table was across a large open space from the audience. We rearranged before starting.) Ruth Sachter and Patty Wells were our visiting experts on Westercon, and Ruth had more old Westercon swag where it could be found than I did. People liked the idea that Gearcon 2016 would still have an art show, a dealers room, and the usual things they're used to. The person asking about role playing games had no idea what GameStorm brings to a convention and is in for a wonderful surprise.

Afterward the combat demo fellows lingered and talked; we may get some really cool physical activities at Westercon 69.

A final protip for convention runners: Onions & Orchids, or whatever you call your event's feedback event, should actually occur when and where it's listed in the program. Overachievers might create that program more than three days before the convention.

Quotes without context:
"Furries against fur?"
"I'll just awkward away now."
"Steampunks are very serious." "Really?"
"Steampunk does not have to be brown."
"We just make it up." "You can do that?"
"One of the kittens from the box!"
"All hail our overlord square."
"Who are you?" "We don't need to get into that."
"Teeth are unnecessary. I have a Leatherman."
"Someone should carry something in their pouches." "Yeah, we're not Rob Liefeld here."
"Hello. I'll be right back." [From the con chair!]
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