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Today at work I was given a piece of paper that bore the message Need's GSA label's. I read this and my head did not explode.

But I winced a bit.
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Found here, a page about cats. This appears to be an Arabic textbook teaching English, so I am suddenly less worried about the state of education in North America.
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I ran across this, and as at least two of my followers are hams, thought it would be worth passing along.

WARNING Perform as many functions as possible on the ground. Installing antennas on windy days can be strong forces. Be prepared to safely handle these forces at unexpected moments. Antennas Direct Inc. is not injury resulting from antenna installations.

WARNING Antennas improperly installed on an inadequate structure are very susceptible to wind damage. The owner and installer assumes full responsibility that the installation is structurally sound to support all and properly sealed against leaks. Antennas Direct Inc. will not accept liability for any damage cause by an unknown variable applications.

WARNING Do not attempt to install if drunk, pregnant or both. Do not throw antenna at spouse.

Well! Good thing we know how to safely put up antennas now!
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Who says you can't trust Chinese manufacturing these days? That's clearly a Xiang Tao plastic thing.

Edited to put in cut and be less spammy )
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Is this what cheap internet validation feels like?

I sent an example of particularly mangled text off and it has appeared on; user commentary is visible here.


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