scott_sanford: (Default)'s probably a good idea to discover the groom's name before the ceremony. It might even be a good idea to ask more than one person, just to be sure. I wasn't the only one, but fortunately neither of us embarrassed ourselves in public.
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I just found out someone I knew passed away suddenly; we weren't very close, but I enjoyed seeing her and talking. We saw each other Saturday night and she was doing fine. It's hard to imagine she's not going to be around any more.
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The week before Christmas I commented that my little netbook had died. Now my uncle has gifted me with a laptop of marvelous antiquity and prodigious size, doubtless a marvel of technology to the Old Ones who built it. Supposedly one of the add-ons lets it use wifi, which I haven't confirmed yet because I'm out of practice with PCM/CIA cards, not to mention Windows 2000. But now I can read floppy disks again! The display is perfectly readable, with fewer special effects than many OSes. And frankly the keyboard feel is magnificent, better than most desktop machines today and better than any laptop I've tried in years.
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I know a nice young woman who's suffering from Asshole Boyfriend Syndrome.

After the latest relationship drama incident I figured someone had better do something. (Note: I am someone.) So I swung by a local church to look up someone else I know and get a quick education on couples' therapy options in the area. I've now passed along a list of agencies and a useful business card; they might do some good.


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