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Note: irrelevant to anyone outside my RPG group.

For the first time we all had NPCs to track; we started by labeling little blocks. We also sort out how Bows-to-the-Sun can be with us.
Going to the temple we spot something mvoing in a mangrove...grove. Spread out and try to flank it. European? Yes, a terrified Spaniard; he's afraid of the dog people. (He's off of the Pandora, which luckily is not here at the moment.) He's "Jose the Mouse," a skinny guy; he heads for the beach and the Hunter.
We see the spirit monk again. Bows and his spirit dog can interact with him, and eventually get him to realize that he's dead. He fades away.
The bridge to the temple has been burned but Big Willy has an axe; we drop a tree across the water. Esmeralda says there are odd fish in the water, which seems to be true - odd many-toothed things. We stay out of the water.
Down below we build a bridge across the abyss too. Billy and Esmeralda cross first; Billy gets a tentacle! People see others rising. Bows entangled one with a bolo, others shoot; the monster retreats. Esmeralda fell but climbs out on her own. On the other side is a treasure room with lots of valua bles.
We find a secret passage to a round chamber; le Fleur runs forward. Here is a spear, floating and glowing! Le Fleur takes the spear and monologs, again. A dark shadow appears, demanding to know who dares take the Spear of Destiny. David shoots it but it disintegrates him outright. Le Fleur claims the spear but Billy speaks up and denounces him; the angel uses some kind of power on le Fleur and finds him wanting; it disintegrates hm as well.
He bids the others to leave, giving them permission to take baubles as they wish. Billy asks ab out the spear's proper user but is told it is being held for the one whose blood is on it. Bows asks about the hostages and is told they are no longer held.
The crew likes the treasure room. Some of the objects are odd to look at but neither dangerous nor useful in any obvious way. Some books & scrolls are in Greek, which we take.
We make three trips before the island sinks too far, but get plenty of gold and jewels.
One of the scrolls claims that Atlantis is near the Gulf of Venezuela, which is technically incorrect but may be based in reality. The Ring may be theirs. It also includes travel stories and some paranormal nots (not Arawak magic). One of them describes a gate spell, and we figure out this is a Ring control spell. The Black Dragons had something similar but they're gone; there may be others in the Azores. There's some discussion of going to the Azores...
Out of character discussion follows regarding campaign direction, etc.
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