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Of no interest to anyone outside my RPG group...

(Regarding treasure from last game, assume each character got their Str x10 pounds of gold and other valuables before the temple sank.)

We return to Santo Domingo. Only the nuns are told we really found the Spear of Destiny. Everyone else just hears that le Fleur got killed in the jungle.
It seems the Tekumelian government is trying a metal grab for gold and silver, etc. They're also trying to put people into clans.
There is of course a black market developing.
We return to Fort Arawak to not be in town a while, and to bury some shiny stuff we don't want to explain to anyone (the player characters got all the way back to Santo Domingo before the players remembered they'd been within walking distance of their friends at Fort Arawak). Fort Arawak is not yet overrun with Torumekians. We talk about going to Europe... Maybe all four ships should go?
Johnny asks about what Esmeralda hears from her family; some creatures called "nayaggi" have been coming around and trying to recruit people to the empire.
We plan a Europe trip, maybe for all of us after all. Johnny has been planning this for a while; he wants to get more skilled artisans and various manufactured stuff.
We leave!
About two weeks out Johnny gets a message from his relatives, on a copper plate delivered unseen to the Luska - he and Esmeralda are needed at a meeting in (or near) the Azores.
There is going to be a big meeting at the Azores, part of the old Atlantis. Apparently some people are being sucked up to by the Tekumelians. It's getting on people's nerves, too.
At the Azores we find plenty of Portuguese tavern owners and young ladies; the crew is given shore leave.
The PCs, Esmeralda, and Quiet in the Waves go under the water; we are met by a creature like a giant sea cucumber which is our ride down. We are taken to a glowing coral city beneath the waves. Many people are here. We find the central meeting house, a large amphitheater of coral.
Quite a lot of people have turned out for the event: Atlantians (post-human aquatic folks), big sea cucumber things from the Indian Ocean, a huge sea serpent ("paku"), merfolk (from the Mediterranian, very classical looking), "Inaka" (froglike humanoids, this group from the North Atlantic; they're usually found deeper than this), and nayaggi ("nayagi," from Tekumel, here to argue their case for the Empire).
The chair is a sea serpent and opens the floor to discussion. There is a proposal from the Empire to take the oceans into the Tekumelian Empire and we are to formulate a response acceptable to all the sea peoples.
A nayaggi presents its arguments; he call a certain entity the Black Dragon and seems unaware that it has been making trouble on this world long before the Tekumelian gateway opened. It also seems to think that the Spanish are a great force threatening the ocean's population rather than just sailing around on the top of it occasionally.
Billy talks; he does not care for the Black Dragons but points out that Spaniards are just ordinary folks.
The nayaggi begs again for unification - under the Emperor of course.
Johnny speaks against this, and is not rebutted. His points include the contamination of Y'ha-nthlei by a ship that wrecked on Devil's Reef, the land peoples already distressed and driven out by Tekumelian invasions, the fact that he's already had to fight them, and the major point that there seems to be no end to the number who are swarming into our world through their gate.) Nayaggi look cowed.
A merman from near Spain speaks against Tekumelians and their fish ships (and calls for war). Dramatically.
Bows to the Sun speaks too, and eloquently, against the domination of this empire. The dolphins like it.
A dolphin also speaks against.
Discussion follows; a 'stop at the status quo' treaty is suggested. The Tekumelians aren't popular, it seems.
Conclusions: no more Tekumelian forces outside the Americas! The 'or else' is not very subtle. Not all the representatives are in favor of going to war but nobody will fight their neighbors for the Empire.
Meeting closed.
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